Golden Circle Full afternoon

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Duration: 6,5 hours (winter) / 7 hours (summer)
Location: South Iceland
Season: Sept 11th – May 27th (departure 12:00 – arrival 18:30) / May 28th – Sept 10th (departure 13:30 – arrival 20:30)
Departures from Reykjavík: Downtown/Harpa concert hall
Estimated arrival: Sept 11th – May 31st 18:30 / June 1st – Sept 10th 20:30
Included: Bus tour, English guidance
Youth: age 10 – 15 years 50% off
Children: 0-9 years free

Geysir, Gullfoss and Þingvellir is a must see for visitors coming for the first time to Iceland. The philosophy here is less rush in exploring the sites, and you will depart at a time where there is less traffic and fewer tourists at the sites you will visit. By going in the afternoon you will have more time and less people around to explore Iceland’s most visited attractions often called the Golden Circle of Iceland. The Þingvellir national park and a UNESCO world heritage site where the two tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart. The Geysir hot spring area has the geyser Strokkur spouting hot water up to 20 meters high every 4 – 8 minutes. The Golden waterfall is at its best in the afternoon where you might spot a rainbow forming in the mist from the waterfall in the sunshine.
During summer time we utilize the long daylight hours of the Icelandic summer and during winter we adjust to the shortened daylight hours by leaving at 12.00. Dress well and bring a fully charged camera for the golden circle Iceland.

  • Þingvellir UNESCO world heritage site and national park, where the old viking parliament was founded. Þingvellir is filled with history and unique geographical features. Here the tectonic plates are slowly being pulled apart right in front of your eyes.
  • Gullfoss waterfall (Golden falls) the powerful waterfall created by Icelands melting glaciers.
  • Geysir area with bubbling hot springs and the frequently erupting hot spring Strokkur (erupting hot spring guarantee)
  • Faxi waterfall is a pure spring river waterfall, a small waterfall but with an extremely beautiful sight
  • Surprise stop along the way depending on your guide’s preference

NOTE:  By departing at 12:00 we are able to avoid most of the busy traffic on the popular Golden Circle route. Short easy walks on the sites visited. Warm clothing recommended.


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