Golden Circle & Snowmobile

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Tour Description is all about enjoying Iceland’s exceptional unspoiled sites providing a unique experience and having a good time.  We offer SUPER TRUCK and snowmobile tours which are without a doubt the right tours for you.
A day tour includes sightseeing, mountain tracks and snowmobiling on pristine glaciers. Your Super Truck driver will take you through the sights of Thingvellir national park, Geysir with its spouting hot springs and the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall, before heading to the unbeaten paths of the highlands on our way to the glacier Langjökull.
There you will experience a snowmobile ride on top of the second largest glacier in Europe. The Super Truck is an experience by itself. A muscular 4×4, specially modified in Iceland to deal with the tough surroundings of the highlands and glaciers. This is Icelanders most preferred way to enjoy the beautiful and exciting Icelandic great outdoors.


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