Northern lights & Mystery of the Elves

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Tour Description

Duration: 4 – 6 hours
Location: South Iceland
Season: 1st October – 15th April
Included: Bus tour, English speaking guide. Kleina (Icelandic twisted doughnut) and hot cocoa, The Icelandic Wonders Museum
Departures: 19:00 – Free pickup 18:30
Arrival: Estimated time of arrival around 00:30 AM ++
Price: 14.990 ISK

Explore the magical world of Elves, trolls and northern lights in Iceland, combined with a light meal and mythical stories.
Start the adventure by going to the museum of Icelandic wonders which is dedicated to Elves, trolls and northern lights. Enjoy a light meal before hunting for the lights.

  • The Icelandic wonders museum with stories of legendary Elves and trolls, in Stokkseyri.
  • Our guides will educate you about the northern lights on the way and share Icelandic folklores.
  • Light dinner that consists of soup and bread (drinks optional, not included in the price).
  • This might be a long night so we bring along blankets, light refreshments like “Kleina” (Icelandic twisted doughnut) and hot cocoa to keep you warm while we wait.

NOTE: Dress extremely well, preferably in layers. Bring a hat and gloves and wear thick socks.

  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Sightings can not be guaranteed even if the tour is operated
  • If no northern lights are seen, we will offer you The northern lights bus for free! This tour will depart at 21:00 when conditions are favourable
  • If you don’t see any lights you will need to schedule the The northern lights bus tour as soon as possible by calling or e-mailing Sterna Travel
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