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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

At Gudmundur Tyrfingsson Ltd. we are highly aware of the importance of keeping the sensitive Icelandic nature as pure, undamaged and unpolluted as possible. Through all of our activities we therefore promote and support Iceland’s natural and cultural heritage by specializing in sensitive tourism with a strong emphasis on the conservation and preservation in all of our programmes/provisions.

Our aim is to offer excellent service in the newest and safest coaches available on the market. Minimizing environmental impact while maximizing road safety is our maxim in both the daily operation of our company as well as in the long-term strategy of sustainable planning.

Our goal is to maintain our position as a leading coach and tour-operating company in Iceland, with particular regard to environmental safeguards as well as passenger safety. In order to maximize this goal, we at all times endeavour to work in co-operation with companies that have a similar set of environmental/safety policies and modes of operation.

Guðmundur Tyrfingsson Ltd. enforces the Company’s Environmental Policy by:

  • Informing and training our staff in the company’s Environmental Policy and its implementation.
  • Once a year the company organizes a Training Course for all of our staff where the environmental impacts of our operation are discussed, evaluated (and augmented, if identified as being necessary).
  • Actively seeking to offer the newest and least polluting coaches available. Today almost all our coaches fulfill the EURO III EU-standardization on pollution. The newest coaches fulfill the EURO IV and V, which have even more stringent requirements.
  • Actively co-operating with the environmental conservation organization “Beluga” which is based in Iceland. We develop and execute our Environmental, Safety and Quality Policy in cooperation with Beluga and its criteria ( beluga.is ).
  • Nearly all our vehicles have a water-based, diesel-fuelled central heating system whereby the engine is preheated up to 80°C prior to the starting of the engine. In this way, the engine is already near operating temperature when started, resulting in greatly reduced emissions during the first minutes of running. In addition, the water heater is linked to the heating system, which eliminates the necessity of running the engine in order to keep the coach warm. We emphasize the use of the water heater to keep engine idling to a minimum.
  • Actively reducing waste production to an absolute minimum – both in our offices and during our coaching/touring operations – as well as sorting waste and reusing and recycling all possible items.
  • We have full teaching equipment for Eco-driving installed into one coach and this is used for driver training purposes. Ours is the first passenger transport vehicle in Iceland to be fitted with this equipment. In our yearly Environmental Workshop and Training, “green driving” is thoroughly discussed with all drivers and practical training undertaken. It is very important to minimize pollution and fuel consumption of the vehicles by using the right driving techniques.
  • Putting emphasis on tidiness and cleanliness and setting a good example to others. Emphasis is put on having the vehicles in good condition, clean and tidy, at all times, and that oil and oil filters are changed at the right time to minimize impurities in the exhaust.
  • Collecting all residue oil in a special tank, which is underneath our garage. The tank is emptied on a regular basis and the oil reused as much as possible. We take special care that hazardous waste does not enter the drains. In case of an accident in or at the garage, the run-off passes through three oil traps prior to entering the drain.
  • Emphasizing the use of environmentally friendly products and minimizing the use of other products. We try to buy products from companies that have a clear, and preferably certified, environmental policy.
  • Environmental issues affect us all, at the small scale/large scale and in the short/long term. It is therefore essential that we do all that we can to respect and conserve nature/culture, at all times, in all of our actions. These matters are under continual scrutiny at our company, as we feel it is our moral duty.
  • We follow closely the progress of environmental matters and, being fully aware of them, we are able to adapt our policies as we continually monitor and, if possible, upgrade all that we do.

Goals for 2016

As well as all of the above aspects of our Environmental Policy that are ongoing, each year we further focus in on a selection of particular aims and to heighten awareness of them amongst our employees. For 2016 these are:-

  • We will review and update our environmental policy (annual goal).
  • We will organize an annual course on environmental, safety and quality management (annual goal).
  • Employees will receive a special course on the use of oil heaters aimed at reducing fuel consumption.
  • We will review and update the Quality Manual for drivers (annual goal).
  • An extra emphasis will be put on using only economy friendly cleaning products and economy friendly microfiber cloths in all vehicles and in all working areas of the company such as garage, in the office and on-the-road.
  • We will buy at least three new coaches with EURO V engines.