Safety Policy

Safety Policy

The employees of Guðmundur Tyrfingsson Ltd. have developed a Safety Policy and have set themselves the goal of ensuring that safety and comfort of passengers is always to the forefront.
When a new coach is designed and built, we consider how it is possible to increase comfort and ensure safety. Our fleet of coaches is amongst the newest in the country; our goal in safety matters is to be with good, dependable, professional drivers and the newest vehicles, along with ensuring safety and comfort at all times.
The Driver: 
It is very important to have excellent, dependable people who can take on any situation that may arise. From the beginning (1969), the company has had extremely good workers (drivers and mechanics) who unquestionably have contributed hugely to the success of the company throughout the successive years.
When selecting our staff, we put an emphasis on their ability and reliability and, once employed, we provide the best staff training that we can offer. Further, their empathy towards the needs and expectations of our clients is paramount, thus ensuring a wholesome, genuine experience for our clients whilst travelling with us in Iceland.
Preventative Maintenance on Vehicles: 
Highly trained and experienced people work at our garage and they deal with both the building and crafting of new vehicles as well as carrying out all vehicle maintenance.
Great emphasis is put on preventative maintenance and a register of all vehicles is kept in order to have the best overview of work done and vehicle status.
Brake System: 
Nearly all of the company’s vehicles have the ABS brake system. These significantly increase safety, especially on wet and slippery roads. Great emphasis is laid on the vehicles always being correctly equipped relative to conditions, e.g. that tyres are in keeping with conditions, so that in winter vehicles have nailed tyres.
Seat Belts: 
Seat belts, either two or three pointed, are in all seats in all of our passenger vehicles.
Safety Matters: 
Our goal with this policy is to work systematically so that safety is ranked highly and accidents and mishaps are as few and as minimal as possible. Each year a Safety and Environmental Course is held for all employees whereby these issues are covered in detail. The holding of this course is a regular happening every autumn.
Further, included in the Safety Course is a valid First Aid Course with qualified instructors.
Additionally, all safety equipment that affects drivers and passengers is discussed and explained.