Photography Tours

Iceland abounds in photographic opportunities, at all scales, in all seasons, with a myriad of diverse and contrasting subjects, natural and cultural.

For photographers who relish the challenge of new and very different environments, we can offer superb opportunities to allow the keen photographer complete immersion in wonderful landscapes, the likes of which cannot even begin to be imagined – only seeing is believing when it comes to what Iceland has to offer!

Our aim in GT Travel is to take photographers to Icelandic locations, well off the beaten track, and to give everyone time, space and peace to seek out and capture some stunning images.

Being a long established Icelandic Company, GT Travel staff have many decades of experience of travelling across and exploring the country and have deep, local knowledge of sublime places normally hidden to so many visitors. GT Travel delights in being able to offer such a “Behind Iceland” experience to our photography clients.

In GT Travel we appreciate that for many photographers they simply want to be out there, taking photographs, in new and exciting places, maximizing on the potential to capture very special images. To this purpose we provide superb coaching, highly professional and friendly drivers (English speaking) and a tantalising itinerary of varied days in an assortment of splendid environments, often well away from the heavily visited “honey pot” sites.

It is intended that through informal discussion with other like-minded photographers on the tour, hints and tricks can be gained/passed on, advancing everyones’ craft in a most amicable atmosphere. Add to this comfortable, cosy, countryside based accommodation (with very fine food), and we feel that GT Travel is providing something different, most wholesome and most satisfying.

Please note too, that with GT Travel, the actual stop locations (and the length of stay at these stops) will very much be determined by the photographers in the tour group, on the day (in consultation with the coach driver, of course, and all participants), in order to allow for great photographic opportunities and to benefit from “happenstance”. In GT Travel we appreciate the need for this flexibility in order to allow our clients to have very satisfying field experiences each day.

Each year we offer Set Date Departure Photography Tours. The itineraries for these tours (S & SW Iceland and S & SE Iceland) can be clicked on (see green tabs above).

Soon Set Date Departures dates for 2016 will be announced; in the meantime, if you are interested, just please  contact us for the latest information.

We are very able to also format a Photography Tour itinerary for your Camera Club/Group of Friends that exactly suits your aims, duration, subject matter, etc. Please just contact us to start the process of developing your tailor- made tour.

“What an outstanding photography tour; a carefully crafted itinerary of stunning locations and an exceptional tour team made this an exhilarating learning experience I would love to repeat” – LS

“Many thanks for a fantastic few days. The trip exceeded all my expectations from a learning and enjoyment perspective.  I appreciate all the planning put into the trip – I also understand all the contingencies required to cater for the ever changing climate.  It all went like clockwork in my view.” – AF

“I enjoyed the trip very much and your expert knowledge, coupled with your local anecdotes, gave the whole trip an air of bonhomie I’ve found to be missing on other guided trips I have been on. The organisation was splendid, the accommodation delightful and the food plentiful. Thank you so much for making the trip a really interesting adventure.” – TH

“The best day’s photography that I have ever had” – KK

“Awesome scenery and GT Travel enabled us to access and learn so much about the area in those five days. Thank you.” – MR