Special focus tours

> *Selfoss Hotel; evening look for the NLs (with use of coach*).
Driving from Reykjavík to Selfoss (1 hour) introduces the weird and wonderful lava fields, volcanic peaks and steaming ground of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The glowing greenhouses of Hveragerdi are also passed by, an eerie sight in the winter darkness.
Arrival at the *Selfoss Hotel.
After settling in, if conditions are right, a first little trip in search of the Northern Lights will be taken.
*Or a similar standard Hotel in the area.

Day 2:
> Geysir > Gullfoss > Fontana Spa > Thingvellir > *Selfoss Hotel; evening look for the NLs (with use of coach*).
The Geysir area is a colourful and lively volcanic landscape with steaming fields, bubbling hot springs, Great Geysir (dormant) and the very active Strokkur Geysir.
Gullfoss waterfall is simply magnificent. The waters of the Hvitá River tumble 32m into a 2 km long canyon. Spectacular overviews and closer encounters are possible.
Fontana Spa is an excellent “wellness experience”. Located by Lake Laugarvatn, relaxation is offered in various hot tubs and natural steam saunas (price included in the tour cost).
Thingvellir National Park (and World Heritage Site) shows the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Here gaping fissures illustrate plate tectonics and continental drift, as the North American Plate and Eurasian Plate pull apart. Thingvellir is also the site of the Althing, the world’s first democratic parliament).
Return to the* Selfoss Hotel.
Again, after the evening meal, if the conditions are right, we will then take another trip in search of the Northern Lights*.
*Or a similar standard Hotel in the area.

Day 3:
> Seljalandsfoss > Eyjafjallajökull Visitors’ Centre > Skógafoss Waterfall > Sólheimajökull > Vík > Reynishverfi > *Selfoss Hotel ; evening look for the NLs (with use of coach*).
The South Coast shows many of Iceland’s contrasting sceneries. Views towards the icecaps of Tindfjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull icecaps (famous for its 2010 eruption) as well as towards the Westmann Islands are enjoyed.
Crossing the Markarfljót river, a stop is taken at Seljalandsfoss, a slender 40 metre waterfall (that can be walked behind if frost/ice free).
The Eyjafjallajökull Visitors’ Centre illustrates the events of the 2010 eruption through an excellent 15 minute film (price included in the tour cost).
Skógafoss is a “curtain” of cascading water. Over 60 metres high, this waterfall has a developing gorge downstream from it.
The retreating valley glacier of Sólheimajökull is next visited. Its source is the Myrdalsjökull icecap. As it melts vast amounts of rock debris is deposited. The snout area has temporary little lakes, mounds of moraine and abandoned ice blocks. Beneath Mýrdalsjökull sits Katla volcano.
At Vík. a café can be enjoyed and a visit to the Vík Wool and Gift Shop.
Returning to Selfoss, a stop is made at the Reynishverfi coastal area, an extensive black pebble beach. Also here are classic columnar basalt structures.
Return to the *Selfoss Hotel.
Again, after the evening meal, if the conditions are right, we will then take another trip in search of the Northern Lights*.
*Or a similar standard Hotel in the area.

Day 4:
Reykjavík > City Sightseeing Tour > Aurora Centre > At Leisure in later morning till late afternoon
Iceland’s capital city has much in the way of culture and entertainment as well as shopping and some very fine coffee houses.
After a general tour around the city to allow you to get your bearings, and having visited the Aurora Reykjavík (price of this is included in the tour cost) you might wish to select optional visits from, for example, Volcano House; City Hall, Hallgrimskirkja, Harpa, etc.
NOTE: Either before the commencement of this tour or after its completion, should you wish to be in Iceland longer, GT Travel can readily assist you with additional accommodation, a selection of guided day tours, car hire, etc. Please make contact with us at gt@www.gttravel.is or via the Contact Form found on www.gttravel.is

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and sights can never be guaranteed. The Northern lights vary in strength and beauty, and what we get to see is highly up to chance. We do not refund a Northern lights tour if we do not see the northern lights. This tour is a “search” for the Northern Lights in their natural surroundings while dealing with Icelandic weather conditions.

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